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NYC - Dumplings & Data!

Data Universe 2024 was an amazing experience! I met so many LinkedIn friends IRL since Covid and learned a ton about AI and data.

One thing that really concerned me was how everyone said they thought their job would be impacted by GenAI but none of their companies have shared any upskilling plans. In my conversations with CEOs and CHROs, I know they are actively working on new talent development strategies so I am surprised by the lack of communication. What about you and your organization? Is there clarity around how you can better prepare yourself for the future?

I am thrilled to be back in NYC next month for another conference. This time, I'll be presenting at the Future Workplace Summit on how GenAI will impact employee experience. Based on your feedback on LinkedIn, I'm going with Dumplings and Data With Serena for the evening gathering on Tues, May 14th! This is going to be a chill and small group who loves dumplings and talking data, no vendors or sponsor pitches to watch, just pay for your own food and drinks. I'll have a little gift for everyone who attends this invite-only dinner.

Reply and let me know if you'd like an invite!

Be well,



Serena H. Huang, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Data With Serena 

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