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Founder & CEO: Dr. Serena H. Huang

Data Analytics Executive, Formerly PayPal, GE, Kraft Heinz.

LinkedIn Influencer, featured on Business Insider. 

International Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer.

Certified Professional Life Coach focusing on Wellness.

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"Dr. Huang gave an amazing presentation and her energy lit up the room!"

2023 Executive Learning Exchange 

Talent Executive, Global Manufacturing Firm



Dr. Serena Huang provides keynote speaking, corporate training, and influencer marketing services across the world. She most recently served as the Global Head of People Analytics & HR Tech at PayPal and previously built the people analytics functions at Kraft Heinz, GE, and Koch Industries.

Dr. Huang is an accomplished thought leader and professional keynote speaker with 100+ speaking engagements in the past 3 years covering topics including people analytics, HR technology, future of work, ethical AI, employee experience, and workplace mental health. She regularly guest lectures at top MBA programs including Kellogg, Wharton, and Haas. Her recent speaking engagements took her on 3 continents in 3 months and 10 cities in 10 weeks. Dr. Huang's unique ability to speak to audiences of different cultures and backgrounds make her an in-demand speaker.   

Dr. Huang is a LinkedIn Learning instructor of a series of People Analytics courses. Her most popular course “The Data Science of Using People Analytics” has more than 10,000 learners. She is a LinkedIn influencer who graduated from the highly-selective LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program focused on Innovation and Technology. Her LinkedIn newsletter “From Data to Action” already has thousands of subscribers reaching senior data analytics and HR leaders across the globe. She partners with data analytics conferences and brands to promote data literacy as an influencer. 

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