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Exclusive People Analytics Series on LinkedIn

 "The Data Analytics of Diversity, Inclusion, and Well-being" (Released Sept 2023)

Don't miss the ONLY course on the analytics of employee wellbeing on LinkedIn Learning. 



Over the last few years across a wide variety of industries, organizations have started to pay closer attention to diversity and inclusion as well as employee well-being. But despite the many resources currently available on these topics, none leverage the power of data analytics, at least not in a practical way. And if you want to improve diversity, inclusion, and well-being in the workplace, you need numbers to quantify results. In this course, instructor Serena Huang covers the why and the how of improving diversity, inclusion, and well-being using data analytics. Learn how to measure diversity, inclusion, and well-being with demonstrable metrics so you can track outcomes and improvements over time. You’ll also learn about the connection between mental health and diversity and inclusion. Upon completing this course, you’ll have the know-how to measure progress toward attaining positive change across your entire organization


"Building a Data-Driven Skills-First Workforce Strategy" (Released July 2023)

Featured by LinkedIn as part of the Future of Work Learning Path in 2023! 


As large companies shift away from requiring bachelor’s degrees in a tight labor market, some have moved towards focusing on skills. In this course, Dr. Serena Huang takes you through practice steps to measure skills and leverage data analytics to hire, develop, and retain employees. Join Serena as she explains how to: get started focusing on skills rather than jobs or roles; future-proof your organization by using skills and scenario-planning; create a skills-first strategy at scale and sustain the data refresh process; align senior stakeholders across the enterprise for a successful implementation; and leverage skills-first workforce strategy to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Data Science of Using People Analytics (Released Sept 2022)

More than 17,000 learners have already taken this practical people analytics course on LinkedIn Learning. If you’re looking to improve how you attract, retain, and develop employees, take this course so you can make people analytics your secret weapon! 

If you’re looking to improve how you attract, retain, and develop employees, people analytics can be one of the most compelling and effective ways to leverage the full power of data within your organization. In this course, instructor Serena Huang shows you how to use people analytics to optimize your talent acquisition and retention strategies.


Learn the basics of people analytics and data-driven human resource management. Find out how to get started navigating data quality, real-world applications, measurement approaches, securing executive buy-in, and the growing impact of new technology on people analytics in action. From talent acquisition to employee retention, diversity and inclusion, and strategic workforce planning, Serena teaches you how to take your data analytics skills to the next level with people. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to boost employee attraction, retention, and development using some of the latest and coolest tools in data science. 

Preview of Intro Chapter: 

Have you heard the saying that people are the most important asset to an organization? Understanding your talent is key to making effective decisions, and that's the goal of people analytics, to improve decisions we make about people using data. Whether you are an HR professional with no data experience, a data analyst already, or just somewhat interested in making better decisions about the workforce, people analytics can help. In this LinkedIn Learning course, we'll cover the skills you need to get started in people analytics. We'll talk about measuring employee experience, talent inquisition and hiring, retention, diversity and inclusion, and workforce planning. Along the way, we'll apply these skills to business examples so you can practice. I'm Dr. Serena Huang. I'm a thought leader and practitioner in people analytics. I love talking about the people analytics space and what it can do to make hiring and retention better. And I'm excited to share what I know with you. So if you're ready to use data to improve the most important asset in your organization, your people, let's get started.

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