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Vision Board Party, Anyone?

If you haven't been to my vision board party, you are missing out! It is only one of the best tools to gain clarity on long-term vision and short-term goals, but also a fantastic way to connect with friends.

For an in-person party, you'll want to prepare food and drinks that's future-oriented or align with a theme for the group to set the forward-looking mood. You can prepare magazines, scissors, glue for the visuals and one white poster for each participants.

If you are doing this virtually, provide a template for the participants beforehand and set time to share with each other on the screen. Virtual whiteboards may be another option, though I've found the template option a bit easier to facilitate from experience.

Here is an example of my recent template for your inspiration:

What makes my vision board party special is the mindfulness focus and coaching I provide throughout the process for the group. I kick off the session with a short guided meditation to set the stage and we walk through a few thought-provoking questions from my coaching practice before vision-boarding.

If you are looking to gain clarity and direction in your professional or personal life, there is no greater tool than the Vision Board exercise.

Curious? Contact me for more!

Be well,


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