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Exclusive discounts for membership with Dr. Serena Huang's strategic partners.  

Kona 15% off AI-powered well-being check-ins!

Mental health and data analytics are two things I care about the most. I've partnered with Kona to bring you this special discount. 

Kona is the manager support and people analytics platform in Slack. Kona helps managers stay on top of team needs with 💚💛🔴 check-ins, AI-powered coaching, 1:1 briefs, and more. Stay on top of team well-being and get real-time analytics on morale. Some of the best teams at Canva, Oyster, Sendoso, and more trust Kona to engage and support teammates every day. Visit to get started for free. 


You get 15% off your Kona subscription when you use the code "SERENA" in the forms! The direct link is here: (

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