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Dr. Serena H. Huang

Global Keynote Speaker and Top-Rated Corporate Trainer in Data & AI 

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"Dr. Huang made me realized we had to go beyond collecting data and move towards stakeholder alignment. I learned from her talk that we need to involve  the managers early on so it does not feel like an HR project."

2023 LinkedIn Talent Connect

Dir of Talent Acquisition, F100 Financial Services



Dr. Serena Huang is an accomplished thought leader and professional keynote speaker with 150+ speaking engagements covering topics including people analytics, AI, future of work, personal branding, data storytelling, and workplace wellbeing. She regularly guest lectures at top MBA programs including Kellogg, Wharton, and Haas. Her 2023 speaking engagements took her to 30 cities across 3 continents. Dr. Huang's unique ability to speak to audiences of different cultures and backgrounds, along with her experience in both F100 and startups make her an in-demand speaker.


Prior to founding Data With Serena, Dr. Huang led sizable analytics teams at prominent organizations including PayPal, Kraft Heinz, GE, and Koch Industries. She pioneered the applications of machine learning algorithms to predict absenteeism and turnover and led corporate councils for Ethical AI in these global organizations.

Dr. Huang is a LinkedIn influencer who graduated from the highly-selective LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program focused on Innovation and Technology. Her LinkedIn newsletter “From Data to Action” has seven thousand subscribers reaching senior data analytics and HR leaders across the globe. She partners with select data analytics conferences and brands as an influencer.

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